Signia Pure Hearing Aids – Differences Explained

Signia Pure hearing aids are available in three different tech levels (3/5/7) with the newer AX platform and in seven tech levels with the older X platform. The higher the tech levels the higher the prices of the hearing aids will be. Both are available as a rechargeable version called charge&go as well as a version with replaceable batteries with the size 312.

Each Signia Pure hearing aid can be configured to a broad variety of hearing losses. There are different sizes of loudspeakers available which directly sit in your ear and are connected with a cable with the technological powerhouse behind your ear.

With a higher tech level, the Signia Pure hearing aids may be able to filter noise more effectively for you so you can concentrate on speech more easily. I wrote “maybe” because depending on the silicone dome or custom earmold used which sits in your ear and sits around the loudspeaker the features can work better or worse. Why will be explained in detail in the next paragraphs.

But first, let us talk about the differences in the tech levels.

Where Are the Differences in Signia Pure Hearing Aids?

The differences in Signia hearing aids are listed as different technology levels. Each technology level can meet your needed amplification levels exactly the same. Because all three levels are powered with the same hardware components. But on top of understanding speech, a higher technology level can improve a situation for you while it is windy or echoes.

The hearing aid at a higher technology level has more sophisticated software solutions enabled which for example makes the sound of wind less nervewracking. As you can see in the table below all technology levels share most of the features. Below this table, you will find some tips on which technology level to choose.

List of features/Technology Level of Signia Pure AX7AX5AX3AX
Dynamic Soundscape Processing 2.0maxmediumlow
Augmented Focus
Acoustic Sensor
Motion Sensor
Own Voice Processing
Sound Claritymaxmediumlow
Signal Processing Channels/Gain&MPO (handles)48/2032/1624/12
Hearing Programs666
Extetnded dynamic range
Speech and noise management
Feedback cancellation
HD Music (preset)331
Extended bandwidth
Speech Qualitymaxmediumlow
Binaural Directionality
Frequency compression
Spatial Speech Focus
Wearer Interactionmaxmaxmedium
Signia Assist
Signia App
Adaptive Streaming Volume
Spatial Configurator
Direct Streaming for iPhone and Android devices with ASHA
Tinnitus Notched Amplification Therapy
Tinnitus noise therapy signal

For some wearers, the difference in additional hearing comfort provided by the 7AX over a 5AX is very clear. But in other cases feature will not really make a difference. Because they can not when the silicone dome used is open. When the acoustician or audiologist clicks silicone domes on the loudspeaker of your hearing aid they can have little holes in them or they can be very closed. Some even have multiple fins to ensure your ear canal is closed.

In a situation, like shown in the video below the Signia hearing aid will work better when a closed dome is used. The reason is when noise is around the wearer of the hearing aids the microphone behind the ear picks up the sound the sound processor filters the noise from the speech and the wearer can more easily concentrate on the conversation. But remember this was with a closed dome where the sounds do not come in the ear canal directly only after the processing of the hearing aid.

In contrast with an open dome, the noise enters your ear canal as well as speech as it would normally do. On top of that with a slight delay of 5-6 milliseconds, the hearing aids will also provide you with the amplified version of the speech and the hearing aids will also try to filter the noise. Of course, this approach can not be very effective.

This means the less price intense option might work exactly the same for you as the higher-end version. The only way to find this out is by trying them out in different situations. A closed dome is not the only solution for a great fit because in some cases the wearers have a very occluded feeling in their ears but it definitely changes the way your hearing aids work.

For my customers when they are not sure about the technology level to buy I give them both tech levels to check them out at home. The great thing here is they can try if a feature really makes a difference in a situation. Is it really less annoying to hear the echo with the 7AX compared to the 5AX.

And do you want to pay extra for the more sophisticated software solution which amplifies speech at a narrower angle in front of you? When you hear a difference and you have the money buy it. When you do not hear a difference go with the cheaper option.

Prices for the Signia Pure AX Charge&Go

Price for one Signia Pure hearing aid
Pure Charge&Go AX32190$
Pure Charge&Go AX52490$
Pure Charge&Go AX72890$

The price you have to pay may vary depending on where you buy your hearing aids. When you buy them at a specialist which follows best practices, which includes more time on the professional side to fine-tune those devices for the perfect fit. In this case, prices may be higher. When you buy them online you could get them probably cheaper. But here is an article with the downsides when you try to perform the hearing aid fitting yourself.

Older models like the X or NX variants can also be bought. Those are also still good hearing aids but may deliver such a smooth experience when you are using an android device. The older platforms are slightly thicker on top of the hearing aid because of the improved loudspeakers the AX platform is slightly thinner on top.

What Accessories Come With the Signia Pure Hearing Aids?

There are different chargers, an additional microphone, and a TV adapter available. Here we will discuss what I would recommend and why. Let us talk about the chargers first. The following are available:

  • Pure Charger
  • Pure Portable Charger
  • Pure Dry&Clean

Personally, I recommend the Pure Dry&Clean charger you can see in the video below. The reason for this recommendation is one of the biggest causes for a defect of your hearing aid is an accumulation of moisture in the hearing aid. This can easily combat this with a drying technology and this is the only charger that comes with it. On top of that, it is also good to disinfect your Signia Pure hearing aids and this charger also comes with a UV light disinfection.

Another popular accessory for the Signia Pure hearing aids is the StreamLIne TV Adapter. It directly streams the sound from your TV into your ears which makes it oftentimes a bit easier to understand the speech.

All hearing aids are limited in their capability to cut through the noise. Oftentimes new wearers of hearing aids expect more from the little devices when it comes to a very noisy environment like in a restaurant.

Depending on where you sit it may just get loud but understanding your conversational partner can be still hard. In such a case ask your hearing care professional about the StreamLine Mic which can be connected to the Pure hearing aids.

With this little clip-on microphone, you will have a much easier time understanding your conversational partner and cutting through the noise in a difficult situation.

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