The website improvehearingaids.com was set up for wearers of hearing aids. I wanted to provide more inside information without the marketing speak. All this should be easy to understand even if you are not a hearing aid specialist.

The content you find here was written by me. I am Michael Penczek. I am an acoustician as well as an optician and work every day with hearing aids and glasses in my shop in Mannheim Wallstadt in Germany.

The shop started out as a pure optical shop in 2014. This was also the time when I started my apprenticeship as a master optician. At the end of my apprenticeship, I met an acoustician who told me about some features of hearing aids and how they are fitted.

I was thrilled about features like frequency compression and frequency transposition and started to immerse myself more and more with the topic hearing aids. Reading more and more about hearing aids I came across Harald Bonsel online and really liked the approaches about how hearing aid fittings were verified by him.

He owns the company Acousticon. They provide measurement devices to improve hearing aid fittings. I quickly made the goal to buy this device and make my apprenticeship as a master acoustician.

In 2018 the transition was made to a hybrid shop fitting hearing aids as well.

If you wish to get in touch with us you need to make an appointment directly in the shop. We can not provide consultation via email or telephone. We also think this would be just a very limited service. Hearing aids are products where technology is important and where features definitely play a big role.

But oftentimes solving a problem is not as simple as switching a feature on or off. It oftentimes has something to do with how the hearing aid sits in your ear. And those are things we can check in as acousticians in person in our shop. With contact over email or telephone the professional needs to guess more instead of directly identifying the problem.