Buying Used Hearing Aids – Is It Really a Good Idea?

Buying hearing aids second-hand is difficult and can lead to high follow-up costs. It is not so much hygienic concerns that play a role here, but rather the fact that the hearing aid must be “programmed” by an acoustician.

There is a high cost associated with the purchase of a hearing aid. The cost of most hearing aids on offer is between 700 and 3,000 Dollars per device. Many prospective buyers would like to reduce these costs.

One way to do this is to buy hearing aids used. However, there are some details to consider. Hearing aids must always be individually fitted, otherwise, they are of no use.

In the case of in-the-ear hearing aids, the shape of the device is adapted to the ear. Here, the hearing aid would have to be re-cased by an individual impression. This is true for most in-the-ear hearing aids. The Signia Silk for example is an in the ear hearing aid with a standard shape that fits most ears.

So here it would not be necessary to pay for a re-casing. The cost for such a service can be as high as a couple of hundred dollars per hearing aid.

For a hearing aid that sits behind the ear, only the part that sits in the ear needs to be replaced. In some countries, the sale and fitting of used hearing aids are strictly regulated.

So before you buy, you should be sure that your hearing care professional will perform the fitting for used hearing aids and what it will cost.

An incorrectly adjusted hearing aid that you buy used can even damage your hearing when it is not programmed to your hearing loss. You have no guarantee and no warranty. No one can assure you that the internal components of the hearing aid are not already corroded by sweat. And you have the problem that after certain time manufacturers no longer produce and offer spare parts for older models.

Buying Used Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are offered used on eBay and also Craigslist. Most of the time, these are hearing aids that have not been worn or are no longer needed. The used devices, which may be technically like new, are sold at a fraction of their new price.

However, every hearing aid is suitable for every person and must also be adapted to their individual hearing loss. Therefore, the purchase is primarily considered only for experienced wearers who can assess the technical capabilities of the device. Your acoustician may refuse to fit you. Learn more about fitting without hearing care professionals here.

You should never purchase a completely unfamiliar hearing aid used. If you, already know the model or have owned it yourself in the past, then the purchase may make sense. But you should know if your hearing care professional will go through the process of fitting the used hearing aid. Get the information on how much it will cost you to make the hearing aid work for you directly from your local hearing care specialist.

Some can refuse it, some may charge a fee per hour have a general fee for such a service. But what you should know is the risk is on you. Although you will save a lot of money when you initially buy used hearing aids the cost for a repair is 100% on you. No warranties will be transferred to you.

When the seller on Ebay writes the hearing aids are still under warranty you would have to contact him to send it to the manufacturer for you. There are a bunch of drawbacks to buy used hearing aids. You simply need to decide if you rely on the service of a professional or if you can do a lot on your own.

Typically audiologists do a lot of consulting and little repairs over the years of the life span of hearing aids. How much will it cost over the next couple of years for you.

Buyers who have never worn a hearing aid should refrain from buying used. In any case, it is advisable to have your personal needs clarified by a detailed examination and consultation with an audiologist or an acoustician.

In the case of used hearing aids, you will not receive an allowance or cost coverage from your health insurance. You will have to pay for all adjustments and repairs yourself, provided you can find an acoustician who will make these adjustments at all. The benefit of the subsidy is completely eliminated.

Buying Hearing Aids on Ebay – Is It Really a Good Idea?

When you know what model of hearing aid you are looking for you will find pretty quick what you searched for. In contrast, when you type in hearing aids on bay oftentimes what pops up are simple amplifiers. They look exactly the same as normal hearing aids but they can not be customized to your hearing loss.

Used Hearing Aids From Private Individuals

Usually used hearing aids are offered by private persons. Such offers can usually be found in the classified sections of magazines or on corresponding portals on the Internet. In most cases, such privately offered used hearing aids are sold significantly below their new value. The savings potential is therefore definitely there. But the purchase involves some risks.

As a rule, laypersons cannot judge whether a hearing aid is fully functional. Moreover, they cannot tell that it fits the wearer. The sale of used hearing aids by commercial dealers is virtually non-existent. For most people, the follow-up costs of hearing aids are not clear. The prices of hearing aids are in most cases a mixed calculation for the craftsmanship, the service for six years and the possibility to get the hearing aids readjusted in this time period.

When you think you very little time will be required for the fitting and you will be satisfied right away you will probably save a lot. but in most cases hearing aid users are surprised with how much options and customization goes into the fitting of a hearing aid. So for most people more effort and time is needed to fit hearing aids. And this is why I can not recommend the approach in general of buying used hearing aids.

I wish you a great day.

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