Oticon App – How to Pair Your Phone With Your Hearing Aids

In this article, you will find instructions on how to pair your Oticon hearing aids with the Oticon app. When your hearing aids are not accessible right away in the app you will find an easy guide to troubleshoot the app.

The steps required for you to do are listed below. They are a little bit different for iPhones and Android devices this is why you will find separate lists depending on what device you use.

Set Up Instructions on How to Pair Your Oticon Hearing Aids With Your iPhone

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and the Oticon App ON is already downloaded. Your hearing aids need an iPhone 6s or newer to work properly.

  1. From the home screen of your phone, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Accessibility.
  3. Next select the menu option Hearing aids.
  4. Now restart your Oticon hearing aids and place them near your phone.
  5. Once the hearing aids can be paired with your phone, you will see the name. tap on the name of the Oticon hearing aids you want to pair and confirm the pairing in the pop-up. When you are using two devices both of them should show up in the menu.
  6. Now you need to switch over to the Oticon ON App. Your hearing aids should pair automatically. It is advised to allow the app to access your location. Otherwise the hearing aids will not show up on the map when lost.
  7. When the pairing process is complete you will see the three menu items Home, remote control and hearing aids in the lower part of the screen.

Set Up Instructions on How to Pair Your Oticon Hearing Aids With Your Android Device

In order to connect your hearing aids to your android phone make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and the Oticon App ON for Android is already downloaded. Your phone should run on Android 8.0 or later. For full compatibility the hearing aids require the ASHSA protocol. Most new Android devices have this since 2021.

  1. Open the Oticon ON App and click to the first informational screens.
  2. Allow the Oticon On App to access your device’s location. Only then your hearing aids will show up on the map when you lost them. Therefor click “allow all the time”.
  3. The App will now look for your hearing aids.
  4. Reboot your hearing aids. (Open or close the battery case when you use replacable batteries, witch recharchable ones simply put them in the charging case for a moment and them place them near your Android phone)
  5. After they rebooted they should be visible on the screen in combination with a green checkmark.
  6. Click pair.
  7. When you see two green checkmarks click continue.
  8. When the pairing process is complete you will see the three menu items Home, remote control and hearing aids in the lower part of the screen.

What Does the Oticon App Do?

  • Adjust the volume for each hearing aid individually
  • Switch programes
  • Check your battery level
  • Fine tune the sound when you stream with an equalizer
  • Find your hearing aids when you lost them
  • Set individual goals and monitor the progress
  • Use your mobile phone as a remote microphone to hear another person’s voice better in noisy environments

Troubleshooting the Oticon ON App

Hearing Aids Do Not Show Up in the App

The app requires general allowance to access your device’s location data. When you enabled the option in the app and still not have the location services enabled in the general setting your hearing aids can not be found.

The Equalizer Does Not Work

The equalizer does only work when you stream the sound from the your phone or the Oticon TV adapter to your hearing aids. Therefore the hearing aids need to be set in the streaming program. You can switch the programs in the remote control setting by swiping to the left and right in the upper thiord of the screen. Normal environmental sounds can not be influenced with the equalizer.

Oticon Hearing Aids Are Not Connecting to TV

For the Oticon hearing aids to stream the audio from your TV to your hearing aids you need a Oticon TV adapter. If you have none you can not connect your hearing aids directly to your TV. If you have such an adapter and the hearing aids are not connecting automatically power the TV adpater and your hearing aids down. When you turn them back on they should reconnect. This process may be repeated a couplle of times.

Oticon Hearing Aids Are Not Pairing

When your hearing aids are not pairing  try turning your hearing aids off and back on, then try to connect. You can then turn the Bluetooth on the phone off and on too. When this still did not work you should need to go back to the settings of your device. Got to the paired bluetooth devices and search for your hearing aids. Click on them and sellect forget this device.

Now you need to repair your Oticon hearing aids aigain. Therefore turn your hearing aids off and back on. They now enter the pairing mode for two minutes. Within the menu your hearing aids should now be on the list of devices you could select for pairing. Click on them. Repair them now they should work as usual again. When not run this process multiple times.

Why Does My Conversational Partner Not Understand Me Well During a Call With the Hearing Aids?

When you stream the telephone call from your phone right to the Oticon hearing aids you still need to talk to the microphone of your phone. When the distance is too big the person can not hear you properly. Although the hearing aids also have microphones you can not use them for the call.

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