Differences in Hearing Aid Batteries Explained

There are four different sizes of hearing aid batteries available. Each size is marked with a specific number as well as a color code. Usually, the number, as well as the color code, are found on the battery packaging. In addition to the color code on the packaging, the batteries are sealed with a protective film that is colored with the same color code.

The protective seal makes the batteries more preservable. Batteries of the same size are all standardized to the same technical data, which you can see in the table below.

Yellow10PR705.8mm3.6mm0.31g100mAh2-5 Days1.45 V
Brown312PR417.9mm3.6mm0.5g180mAh4-7 Days1.45 V
Orange13PR487.9mm5.4mm0.86g310mAh6-12 Days1.45 V
Blue675PR4411.6mm5.4mm1.77g650mAh9-17 Days1.45 V

You can use all manufacturers available to power your hearing aids. You just need to identify the correct size first. The simplest way to find out what battery size is the correct one for you is to have a closer look into the battery case of your hearing aids. When you open them you can see them like shown in the picture below.

But the numbers are really tiny print on the battery holder. Not all hearing aids have this information printed in the case. When you can not see the size you can just ask your audiologist about what size you need.

When you then know the correct size you should identify the correct size by color. This is the easiest way to do it. Because every manufacturer of hearing aid batteries has specific numbers which you can see in the table below which differences a little although they have exactly the same size.

Manufacturer / Size1013312675
AnsmannAZA 10AZA 13AZA 312AZA 675
CamelionA 10A13A 312DA 675
Duracell Activair10HPX13HPX312HPX675HPX
Duracell hearing aidDA10DA13DA312DA675
IcellTech Platinum10DS13DS312DS675DS
Panasonic WorldwidePR10PR13PR312PR675
Rayovac Acoustic Special4610460646074600
Rayovac Extra Advanced10AE13AE312AE675AE
Rayovac Ultra Proline10A13A312A675A
Varta Power OneP10P13P312P675
Zeni PowerA10A13A312A675

How to Store Your Hearing Aid Batteries Properly to Maximize Service Life

You can also influence the service life of hearing aid batteries yourself by storing the cells correctly and handling them with care. Batteries that are not used should always be stored in a dry and cool place. Ideal for example is a room without direct lighting in combination with a low room temperature.

Do not store them in the freezer. The temperature is too low for the batteries. The zinc-air battery has holes in the top and if you put hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator, the holes will allow moisture into the battery. The moisture fills up the battery and then you’ll have premature failure of the battery.

If you want to preserve the life of a hearing aid battery, keep them out of the refrigerator. Remember to peel off the protective seal just before inserting the batteries. Even if you reattach the foil after pulling it off or seal the hole, the reaction inside is already started and cannot be stopped.

Do not buy too many hearing aid batteries in bulk because a 3% discharge happens per year. So if you like to buy them in bulk to not buy more batteries than you would year within a year.

Do Higher Prices Indicate Better Quality Batteries?

Prices for hearing aid batteries can vary a lot. Depending on the manufacturer and where you buy them you can save a lot if you buy them in bulk. Savings up to 50% are possible especially when you buy them online. The German institution “Stiftung Waren Test” compared manufacturers of hearing aid batteries and found out you the yield between them varies up to 20% between them.

This means that a battery with very good capacity can provide power for ten days, while a cell with sufficient capacity can only provide power for eight days. The best battery in this test from 2018 were the ones from Duracell.

The runtime depends not only on the capacity and the brand of the battery but above all on how you use your hearing aids. There are different programs like streaming programs with a Bluetooth signal which drain the batteries a lot faster. Speaking of faster you will shed days of the runtime of the battery with extensive streaming.

If the environment is noisy, the hearing aid is used extensively every day, or if it has to amplify strongly because a person has very poor hearing, the battery will run out more quickly. In short, the days per battery vary a lot from the wearer to the wearer.

What Is the Difference Between 312 and 13 Batteries?

The difference between a 312 and 13 is found in the height and the capacity. The 13 has is 5.4mm tall and the 312 is only 3.6mm tall. The 312 has a smaller capacity with 180mAh which typically lasts 4-7 days. The 13 sized battery has a capacity of 310mAh and a runtime of 6-12 days.

What Is the 5 Minute Rule For Hearing Aid Batteries?

The 5-minute rule says after you remove the sealing, don’t place the battery immediately in the the hearing aid. Instead, wait for 5-7 minutes. This will enable the air to completely activate the battery. This activation will expand the service life of the battery by as much as three days.

This rule was discovered by Ethan Manuell, an eighth-grade student in Rochester, Minnesota.

Should I Change Both Hearing Aid Batteries at the Same Time?

You do not need to change your hearing aid batteries at the same time. Modern zinc-air batteries have a flat discharge curve. This means when the battery is going bad the hearing aids will have full performance until they stop working. Before they stop working you will hear a signal which indicates it is time to change the battery.

Where Can I Buy Hearing Aid Batteries?

You can buy hearing aid batteries at Hearing Aid Centers near you. Oftentimes supermarkets, opticians and hospitals have them too.

I wish you a great day.

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